~Jacquard and  Woven trims ~Soutache Braids   ~Tapes

~Ball Fringe    ~Leather and Lace









All our Jacquard trims are woven on needle or shuttle looms.


All our textile designs are woven in the ribbon.








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Your shipping cost will be added automatically at check out. Your order will ship via USPS.



 Major credit cards, Paypal and "Paypal Credit" (6 months credit) payments accepted.


 choose to check out, then print out your final invoice and pay by USA Postal Money Order or by Western Union Instant International Transfer.

An email to rosita@rositapisarchick.com is required to receive pre-approval for these two alternative payment methods.





Customized project matching service
Customized project matching service

Request a custom selection for your specific project. You will receive your selection project through email.

I will find the best trim to match a fabric, a paint, a style, a period costume.


Notices:  Prices and available trim quantities may change without notice.

             Minimum order: $20.00


Metric conversion:

1 yard = 36 inches = 91.5cm.

1 meter = 100cm = 39.5 inches = 1 yard 3.5 inches.

 The easiest way to figure this out is to determine how many meters you need and then order that amount in yards + 1 yard.





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